Services Offered

The hospital building is enviroment friendly and made as per govt. instructions. The hospital is surounded by three acers of open area.

Social Responsibilities :

The trust handles social welfare responsibilities - which include, taking care of weddings for girls whom come from poor families, at no cost, in addition to supporting the village and villagers with their basic needs.

Educational Institute :

Apart from the Gurdwara, the trust is running the educational institute / higher secondary school which is adjacent to Gurdwara. The Gurdwara committee is not only offering religious studies to the students, but also offering the modern education to the students so that they can compete in any of the level of modern metro life.

Charitable Dispensary :

The trust is also running the charitable dispensary for the poor and needy people of village from 2009 to till date. The Gurdwara trustees are also planning to make this dispensary, a full fledged hospital with all the ultra-modern facilities. The Gurdwara trustees are also thinking to offer many of the treatment free of cost. Click here to learn more about the hospital.

"WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ki Fateh "